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Summary: While the fraternity was setting up for an annual philanthropy event, our group was able to witness the set up and organization of the event. The event consisted of 3 teams, set up and maintenance crew, member interaction (tour guides), and those that were scaring the attendees.  The purpose was to raise funds for Achieve Minnesota, a group that works to reduce the achievement gap in Minneapolis. As well as provide a sober fun option on Halloween weekend to University students.

Observation: Set up took place over the course of the entire day. Members of Chi Psi would come and work in several hour shifts while they were out of class or work. The set up was run by a few select individuals, mainly the philanthropy chair, Fletcher Ryan and the lodge manager, Nick Harrod.  The event took place throughout the entire Lodge including all 3 floors and the basement. Trial runs were set up, members of the Lodge that did not work on the set up were sent through the maze and told to look for obvious flaws and to rate the appeal of the house. The construction up was organized and followed a hierarchical set up that already exists within the fraternity. New members were led by active members that were led by the organizers and position holders within the house.

Interpretations: It appeared that this event has been refined over the several years that the house has been putting on the philanthropy event. That’s not to say it didn’t have its hiccups of getting enough bodies to have the set up follow its time table. Setting up on a school day seemed to have a drawback on getting the members to commit to a large amount of time. However those that were working had a solid flow and a pre-established bond in working together. The planning process changed and adapted as people came up with new “scare tactics” but many ideas were shot down in regards to time, finances and manpower.  Jake Mulder, who was actively participating in the setup, said he was stressed over the sake of time.  Claiming that with the lack of consistent workers, they were falling behind and the doors were going to open in only a few hours. The drive amongst the house members was great to watch because of the level of calm that they maintained whilst under pressure.  They embraced the 90 – 10 rule, meaning 90 percent of the work is done by 10 percent of the people.


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